Heated Turnkey Gas Analysis System

Mini DeNOx Cabinet

Heated Turnkey Gas Analysis System ideally suited for fast, continuous and simultaneous measurements of NH3 and NOx in DeNOx applications (SCR and SNCR).

In DeNOx systems using urea injection with ammonia (NH3) as a reducing agent, the flow rate and control of NH3 must be continuously adjusted and controlled to prevent excess NH3 emissions (slip), to reduce environmental impact and cost of reagents.

To optimize this process, it is essential to use an emissions analysis system for simultaneous and continuous monitoring of NOx and NH3.


Sampling :

  • Sampling system with self-regulated heated line (191°C) and 2 microns heated filter integrated
  • Additional heated filter in standby, for instant replacement through ‘’Quick Lock” connection system (optional)
  • Calibration and zero gases can be injected to the heated probe for system integrity check, leak test, system calibration
  • Automatic and programmable backflushing (air or N2) for filter cleaning

Analysis cabinet :

  • Fast and easy to move between test cells (cabinet mounted on castor wheels)
  • Secondary safety filter (1.5 microns) embedded in the cabinet
  • Ultra low maintenance, no moving parts
  • Modular design for addition of other analyzers (THC, CO, CO2, O2)
  • No interference or quenching effect with CO, CO2, H2O and other gases
  • Analyzers with fast response time (<2 sec)
  • Communication by AK protocol (RS232 / RJ45)
  • Specially designed software (Windows PC)
  • Dual measurement possible (pre and post catalyst)
  • Pre and / or post catalyst measurement of NOx and NH3 for all types of engines using DeNOx
  • Emissions monitoring for Incineration, Cogeneration, and other processes using catalytic DeNOx systems

All our EGAS range of products is fully compliant to the worldwide vehicle Emission Standards, including CFR 40 -1065, Diesel 2007/2010, Euro V & Euro VI, EEM (Engine Emission Monitoring)

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