Engine Exhaust Gas Analysis Systems (EGAS)


The only system allowing the measurement of 1 or 2 independent streams in a single analysis cabinet.

  • Measurement of THC, NO, NO2, NOx, CO, CO2, O2 and NH3
  • Designed to measure emissions from all combustion engines regardless of fuel type


  • Modular design with interchangeable bench components
  • User-friendly networking technology for analyzer control & host interface (Ethernet-TCP/IP)
  • Internal architecture designed for easy access and maintenance
  • Wide measuring range for many applications
  • Remote control of system and components
  • Easy to operate software
  • Modular design for maximum system flexibility
  • Complies to latest emission regulations
  • Positive pressure sample
  • Total solutions with full turnkey capabilities
  • Unique: SS filter integrated to the primary heated sample line
  • Unique optical technology for precise, highly accurate and simultaneous measurement of CO, CO2, NO/NOx, THC, O2, N2O, SO2, NH3 and CH4
  • Designed to measure emissions from all combustion engines, regardless of fuel type
  • Separate, mobile sample handling system with built-in sample pump or full integration in the main control unit
  • External or built-in operating PC with dedicated 40 CFR Part 1065 software package
  • Engine manufacturers and testing companies in the automotive, heavy duty, aviation, marine, rail transport sectors, etc.
  • Certification Bodies
  • Universities and Research Centres
  • General engine and/or vehicle performance test
  • Development of clean engines
  • Optimisation and evaluation of exhaust gas after-treatment devices
  • Catalyst system performance evaluation (pre and post cat measurements)
  • SCR, raw, diluted exhaust and EGR…
Technical Specifications
Enclosure 19” rack cabinet
Dimension (mm) 1360x600x800 (LxWxD)
Weight 150kg / 330lbs (includes all internal components)
Operating temperature 5°C to 45°C
Relative Humidity max 90%
Power supply 230V/50-60Hz or 115V/60Hz
Nominal power consumption 3.2 kVA
Sample dimensions (mm) 1000x540x420 (LxWxD)
Sample weight 78kg / 154lbs (includes all internal components)
  • Compressed air for back purge
  • H2/He (40/60%) for HFID
  • N2 (100%) for zero gas
  • O2 (100% ) for CLD
  • Span gases function of analyzers

All our EGAS range of products is fully compliant to the worldwide vehicle Emission Standards, including the implementation of the Rule CFR 40 -1065, Diesel 2007/2010 Euro V & Euro VI, the EEM (Engine Emission Monitoring)

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